How Much Money Do Porn Stars Actually Make?

Calculating how much money an adult film star makes is a bit more difficult than regular work. In part, that’s because of the nature of the industry. Popularity and controversy often play a huge role in the amount of money a person can earn. For example, porn film star Stormy Daniels comes to mind. Before her alleged sexual affair with now President Trump came to light, she was relatively unknown. At least to those outside the porn world. Now, since she has been in the mainstream news almost daily, her name recognition is huge. Based on that, she can make almost 300 times more than she did before for performing in a porn movie.

Still, when it comes to regular adult film stars, what they earn averages out. But the amount they may make will fluctuate, depending on some factors. The adult film’s production budget and sex acts being performed come into play. Nude, anal scenes or masturbation for example. The same for the types of sex scenes being produced such as man-women, girl-on-girl or solo. Where the model lives is also trivial.

As far as the amount of money is concerned, a porn star salary is based on the sexual scene type. The following is based per adult video. Women or men who do nude only performances earn about $340. If they open their legs, they make about $400. Once the sex scene turns sexually explicit, the amount goes up to almost $500. When insertion goes on, an additional hundred is added or about $620. Women who perform lesbian sex scenes can earn up to $1,000. Male and female sex acts will earn about the same. Female pornstars earn more in the adult world than males do. Plus, an anal scene can earn the performer $1,800 to $2,500. Double penetration as high as $4,000.

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